The contract for the two Deformable Mirrors for the MORFEO instrument was signed on 29 December 2023 between INAF and AdOptica, a temporary grouping of companies consisting of MICROGATE s.r.l. and ADS International s.r.l.  This is the first and most onerous contract for the MORFEO project. Its signing represents a key step for the MORFEO project. Below, there are some pictures of the event.


MORFEO DM Contract signature: From left to right: Andrea Comastri (INAF – OAS Director), Roberto Biasi (AdOptica legal representative), and Paolo Ciliegi (MORFEO PI)



Signature (digital) of the contract by Andrea Comastri, INAF OAS Bologna Director


Signature (digital) of the contract by Roberto Biasi for AdOptica (Microgate + ADS)